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Insects and Insect control

In Arkansas wheat is considered a winter crop. As a result, the insects that attack wheat are oriented primarily to the fall and spring time periods.  In the fall, the primary insects of concern are aphids and the initial infestation of the hessian fly. During the winter months, the hessian fly will continue to develop during periods of warmer weather. The true armyworm and aphids are of concern in the spring. Armyworms remain a problem into late May and early June.  Commonly occurring insect pests are listed below.

Recommendations for control measures should be verified with your county agent or the Agricultural Extension Service in Little Rock.  The University of Arkansas Insecticide Recommendations Guide (MP144) contains the latest recommendations. Mention of a trade name does not imply endorsement by the University of Arkansas.



Corn Leaf Aphid

English Grain Aphid

Green Bug Aphid

Oat Bird Cherry Aphid

Army Worms

Cereal Leaf Beetles


Hessian Fly


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