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Disaster Recovery Plan

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This document is the disaster recovery plan for the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Department of Computing Services. The information present in this plan guides University management and technical staff in the recovery of computing and network facilities operated by Computing Services in the event that a disaster destroys all or part of the facilities.


The Recovery plan is composed of a number of sections that document resources and procedures to be used in the event that a disaster occurs at the Computing Services facility at 155 Razorback Road. Each supported computing platform has a section containing specific recovery procedures. There are also sections that document the personnel that will be needed to perform the recovery tasks and an organizational structure for the recovery process.

This plan is available through the University's World Wide Web server (http://www.uark.edu/drp/) in order to make it more generally available to University staff. But more importantly, a web document format permits it to be published in an online form that can be stored on diskette or CD-ROM media for viewing with a Netscape browser in file browse mode. This plan will be updated on a regular basis as changes to the computing and networking systems are made. Online publishing makes these changes immediately available to all those who are interested.

The Disaster Recovery Plan

Section 1: General Information About The Plan

Section 2: Disaster Planning

Section 3: Initiation of Emergency Procedures

Section 4: Initiation of Recovery Procedures

Section 5: Maintaining the Plan


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