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Disaster Recovery Plan
Media Recovery Services

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:27:35 CST

NOTE: The information provided in this document comes from the Disaster Recovery Plan for the University Library System at the University of Pittsburgh. There may be other service providers not listed here who have offices closer to the Northwest Arkansas region.

DISASTER RECOVERY SERVICES (Listed alphabetically by vendor)

Except, as noted these companies can provide comprehensive recovery services and a great deal of advice in the event of a disaster. Most can be reached by phone 24 hours a day. This list is not exhaustive and does not constitute an endorsement of the vendors on it.

The codes preceding each entry summarize the specialized services and formats of each vendor, according to the following key:

Disaster Recovery Codes Key

American Freeze Dry, Inc.
411 White House Pike
Audubon, NJ  08106
tel:  609/ 546-0777
Contact: John Magill

Services:  Vacuum freeze drying; -20 deg. F storage. This company deals
primarily with  books and paper. They can provide milk crates, pick-up and
delivery, cleaning of materials, smoke odor removal.

DR, O, D, VF, F (BP)
BMS Catastrophe, Inc.
303 Arthur Street
Fort Worth TX  76107
tel: 800 433-2940 or 817/ 332-2770

Services:  (1) Disaster recovery; (2) Odor removal; (3) Vacuum freeze drying;
(4) Fumigation.

DR, O, F (BP)
M.F. Bank Restoration Company
6659 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Suite AA
Norcross, GA 30092
tel:  800 843-7248

Services: (1) Dehumidification; (2) Drying; (3) Smoke & odor removal; (4)
fumigation; M. F. Bank has other regional offices; for more information,
contact the Norcross office.

DR, O, (CM)
Blackmon-Mooring-Steamatic Catastrophe, Inc.
303 Arthur Street
Fort Worth, TX  76107
tel:  800 433-2940
fax:  817/332-6728
Contact:  Pat Williams Moore

Services: (1) Salvage of computer and other magnetic media; (2) Drying,
cleaning, and deodorizing of buildings and contents.  They will give advice
over the phone.

DR, D (BP)
Cargocaire Moisture Control Services
85 Fulton Str. Unit 9D
Boontoon, NJ  07005
tel:  201/625-7458
Contact:  Everett Berger

Services:  (1) Dehumidification; (2) Air drying books and manuscripts.

Document Reprocessors of New York
5611 Water Street
Middlesex, NY  14507
tel:  800-437-9464 or 716-554-4500
fax:  716-554-4114
Contact:  Eric Lundquist or Quentin Schwartz

Services: (1) Vacuum Freeze Drying;  (2) Salvage of computers; They will come
to the site to inventory and help pack materials to be taken to their 
They also have a mobile freeze-drying unit and provide various other
combinations of services, including barcoding and reshelving.

Film Treat
42-24 Orchard St.
Long Island City, NY  11101
tel: 718/784-4040
Contact:  Sam Borodinsky

Services:  (1) Washing and drying of motion picture film. Nationwide service.

Graham Magnetics, Inc.
4001 Airport Freeway
Suite 400
Bedford, TX    76021
tel: 817/868-5000
Contact:   Kevin Burton

Service:  Disaster recovery of computer media.

Eastman Kodak Company
tel:  800 242-2424

Service:  Salvage and restoration of photographs.

McDonnel Aircraft Co.
PO Box 516
St. Louis, MO  63166
Contact:  Fred Brodbeck or Jim Williford
tel:  314/234-0763 (Fred Brodbeck) or 314/233-4697 (Jim Williford)

Services: Vacuum freeze drying if space is available.

Munters Moisture Control Services
15 Freeport St.
Delmont, PA  15626
tel:  412/468-0066 or 800 359-9337 (PIN 0295)
fax:  412/468-0075
Contact: Keith Morgan

Services:  (1) Water pumping and vacuuming; (2) Drying of floors, walls,
insulation, and furnishings; Cost estimates are provided after an 
evaluation of
the damage.

Tom Parker
Pest Control Services
44 West Essex Avenue
Lansdown, PA 10950
tel:  215/284-6249

Services:  (1) Pest control; (2) Mold recovery.

DR (M)
Preservation Resources (formerly MAPS)
Nine S. Commerce Wau
Bethlehem, PA  18017-8916
tel:  800 773-7222
Contact:  Meg Bellinger

Services: Washing and duplicating of 16mm, 35mm and 105 mm silver roll

Randomex, Inc.
Data Recovery Division
1100 East Willow St.
Signal Hill, CA  90806
tel:  213/595-8301

Services:  Disaster recovery of computer media.

DR, O (BP)
RE-Oda Chem Engineering Co.
POB 424
Chagrin Falls, OH  44022
tel:  216-247-4131
Contact:  Skip McLaughlin

Services:  Cleaning, smoke order removal and restoration of fire damaged
materials; Their process, called "Booksave", is proprietary and can only be
recommended for use with general collections.  They do not handle wet books.
They can provide boxes and labels and will pay freight charges on orders 
of 500
books or more.

DR (A, CM)
Restoration Technologies
3005 Hadley Road
South Plainsfield, NJ  07080
tel:  800-421-9290
fax:  201/755-7460

Services:  Recovery of electronic data processing, radio & TV, magnetic
tapes and floppy disks.  Mobile laboratory brought to site.

DR (A)
Smolian Sound Studios
26801 Haines Road
Clarksburgh, MD  20871
tel:  301/253-2703
Contact:  Steve Smolian

Services:   Restoration and preservation of most audio media.

Solex Technologies
2700 Post Oak Blvd.
Suite 1530
Houston, TX  77056
tel:  713/963-9405

Services:  Disaster recovery.

SOS International
377 Oyster Point Blvd.
Suite 19
South San Francisco, CA  94080
tel:  800 223-8597

Services:  Disaster recovery.

Video Box Office
575 Boston Post Road
Orange, CT  06477
tel:  203/878-0634
Contact: Ron Davis

Services:  Salvage and restoration of videotapes.

What's Happenin' Productions
4904 Western Avenue
RD 2, Box 270
Altamont, NY  12009
tel: 518/355-5888
Contact:  Tom Quaglieri

Services:  (1) Copying of damaged videotapes; (2) Drying of 16 mm, 8 mm, and
Super 8 film.

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