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Disaster Recovery Plan
Cold Site Preparation

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:30:56 CST

This document focuses on the preparation of the designated Cold Site for the recovery of primary computing and network facilities after a disaster has occurred. By agreement with the College of Engineering we have options to use space on the first floor of the Bell Engineering Building, the BELL 108 suite, currently occupied by computer labs and some graduate student offices. If the Recovery Management Team opts to use this site for recovery after the disaster, some work must be done to convert the space from its present use to be able to house the computer systems, network equipment and disaster recovery team personnel.

In an extreme disaster where the Bell Engineering Building has also been rendered unusable, an alternate site must be chosen. Those sites may require additional work to prepare for the special power and cooling requirements of the mainframe equipment. Suggested alternate sites on campus include: Business Administration Building Room 107, the ballroom in the Union, and spaces in HPER, Barnhill, and Bud Walton Arena. Before considering off-campus sites, be sure to consider the need for proper telecommunications and networking connections to the building, including fiber optic cable to the campus network.

Cold Site Spaces

The Cold Site in the BELL 108 suite is located on the first floor of the Bell Engineering Building. The area available for use as the disaster recovery center is highlighted in yellow in the picture.

The suite consists of four Engineering computer labs (108C, 108E, 108G, 108J), office space for graduate students (108B, 108D, 108F, 108K), storage areas (108A, 108J, 108JA, 108L, 108M), a wiring closet where the campus backbone network enters the building (108AB), and some open spaces (108). These areas must all be cleared in order to make room for the computer and network equipment necessary to re-establish the facilities that Computing Services operates.

All telephone connections for the building are centered in the adjoining BELL 108AA room, as are many of the existing building network connections. The Disaster Recovery Team should work closely with the Dean or Associate Dean of Engineering for access or changes needed to this room during the recovery process.

Quick Review of Site Preparation Work

The Cold Site has only had minimal advanced preparations, so much work is to be done in the early stages of the recovery process to make the site ready. Here is a quick review of the facilities and work that must be done.

Cold Site Prepreparation Detailed Documents

The following documents provide detailed information on the recovery of and rebuilding of the data center at the Cold Site.

* DRPCS002: Cold Site Preparation: Physical Facility

* DRPCS003: Cold Site Preparation: Electrical

* DRPCS004: Cold Site Preparation: Air Conditioning

* DRPCS006: Cold Site Preparation: Network Connections

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