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Disaster Recovery Plan
Cold Site Preparation: Electrical

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:31:08 CST

The Bell Engineering cold site ( BELL 108) has had minimal preparation for the installation of power attachments for the equipment to be installed in the room. A breaker box is already installed in the room, as is conduit back to the primary power transformer from which the room power is supplied. However, there is no cabling or breakers present.

Electrical contractors must be hired to install the necessary power distribution system and cabling for attachment of the computer equipment. Physical Plant may be able to provide electricians from their staff. The Facilities Coordinator is responsible for obtaining the necessary skilled staff and the power equipment and supplies needed.

A power distribution system such as Liebert's Precision Power Center can provide the 110V and 208V single and triple phase power supplies needed by the mainframe equipment. (Please refer to Liebert's web site www.liebert.com for additional information.) A unit that can provide up to 125 kVA, such as Liebert's Model PPC125C, with 208V input is required. The unit must be sized such that it can support up to 75 panelboard breaker slots. The Liebert Model PPC125C requires a single 500 Amp input breaker.

Individual breakers and power cables to be installed in the power distribution system are as specified in the recovery documents for each individual computer platform. Electricians must work directly with the Technical Coordinator on specifications required for the equipment.

Mainframe Electrical Cabling

The cabling for mainframe equipment poses a problem if raised flooring is not installed in the recovery facility. Electrical contractors will be required to install cables to stretch across the open floor between the power distribution system and each piece of equipment. Several things must be considered while doing this:

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