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Disaster Recovery Plan
Damage Assessment

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:32:22 CST


This damage assessment is a preliminary one intended to establish the extent of damage to critical hardware and the facility that houses it. The primary goal is to determine where the recovery should take place and what hardware must be ordered immediately.

Team members should be liberal in their estimate of the time required to repair or replace a damaged resource. Take into consideration cases where one repair cannot begin until another step is completed. Estimates of repair time should include ordering, shipping , installation, and testing time.

In considering the hardware items, consider first the equipment lists provided in the recovery sections for each platform. These lists were constructed primarily for recovery at the cold site so they consist of the critical components necessary to recovery. You will need to seperate items into two groups. One group will be composed of items that are missing or destroyed. The second will be those that are considered salvageable. These "salvageable" items will have to be evaluated by hardware engineers and repaired as necessary. Based on input from this process, the Recovery Management team can begin the process of acquiring replacements.

With respect to the facility, evaluation of damage to the structure, electrical system, air conditioning, and building network should be conducted. If estimates from this process indicate that recovery at the original site will require more than 14 days, migration to the cold site is recommended.

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