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Disaster Recovery Plan
Disaster Lock Boxes Contents

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:33:02 CST

There are two Disaster Lock Boxes that contain copies of the disaster recovery plan and other vital information that will be useful in a disaster recovery situation. The boxes are locked because they contain sensitive information, such as passwords. One box is kept in the off-site tape storage room at the Bell Engineering Building, Room 108M. The second box is kept in the tape vault next to the machine room in the Administrative Services Building, Room 106.

The contents of the lock boxes are as follows:

  1. A complete printed copy of this disaster recovery plan.

  2. A complete online copy of this disaster recovery plan suitable for viewing with "fake-scape" (e.g., viewing through the file browse function of Netscape). This copy will be on 3.5" diskettes, or on a CD-ROM mastered for that purpose should content be large enough to warrant it.

  3. A sealed envelope containing the root and administrator passwords for every computer system. Any time the seal is broken on an envelope containing these passwords, all of the passwords within that envelope must be changed to avoid security problems.

  4. Stand-alone utility tapes

  5. VM Starter System tapes (contains IPLable Stand-alone ICKDSF and DDR on File 1 of Volume 1)

  6. I/O Configuration Program (IOCP) tape

    The IOCP tape is non-labeled, with 80-byte fixed-length unblocked records.

  7. Sun Microsystems Solaris server media kit, which includes the CD-ROM necessary to install a new copy of the Solaris O.S.

  8. Sun Microsystems Solaris language products installation CD-ROM.

  9. Documentation CD-ROMs

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