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Disaster Recovery Plan
Document Numbers

Last update: Thursday, 10-Oct-2002 16:42:32 CDT

All documents in the Disaster Recovery Plan are grouped according to document content and named accordingly. The name of the document takes the form DRPxxnnn or DRPxxxnn, where x is typically a letter, and n is a number. The xx portion of the name is the group or area ID.

The Disaster Recovery Plan Coordinator approves the naming conventions used for all documents before implementing them into the plan. The coordinator will assign new groups as needed

DRPALM01-99 Alumni Server
DRPAPS01-99 Apsara WWW Server
DRPAP001-999 Appendices
DRPBK001-999 Backup Procedures
DRPCS001-999 Cold Site Preparation
DRPCX001-999 Core Unix Systems
DRPDR001-999 Disaster Recovery Plan Core Documents
DRPFS001-999 File Servers
DRPIVR01-99 EPOS IVR Servers
DRPMMC01-99 Multimedia Center server
DRPMA001-999 MVS Applications
DRPMS001-999 Mainframe Systems
DRPNW001-999 Network
DRPPUR01-99 Emergency Purchase Procedures
DRPTOC01 Table of Contents
DRPVA001-999 VM Applications
DRPWWW01-99 WWW Server

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