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Disaster Recovery Plan
New Dimension (CONTROL/x) Products Recovery

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:33:22 CST

The Automated Operations Products from New Dimension, Inc., (CONTROLM, CONTROLR, CONTROLO) require passwords that are dependent on CPU serial number. Following are instructions to customize these products to a CPU:

  1. Contact the Vendor (New Dimension, Inc., see DRPPUR10: Purchasing Vendor List) to obtain License data.

  2. For each product used, a member in the IOA Parmlib must be updated with the password data provided by the vendor. The IOA Parmlib is a partitioned data set named PROD.IOAI.VERXXX.PARM where XXX is the current version. Use the TSO ISPF editor to make the necessary changes.

  3. The following is a list of the IOA Parmlib members:

             Member Name            CONTROL Product
             PASCTM                    CONTROL-M
             PASCTO                    CONTROL-O
             PASCTR                    CONTROL-R

    The data contained in each password member is as follows:

              PROD   = CONTROL-X/yymmdd    (product & expiration date)
              START  = yymmdd              (product start date)
              CPUID  = iiiiii mmmm         (CPU Serial, Model)
              PASS   = pppppppp pppppppp pppppppp  (Text from IOA)
              TYPE   = t                   (Type of License)


              PROD = CONTROL-M / 990816
              START = 950125
              CPUID = 100048 9021
              TYPE  = LICENSE

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