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Disaster Recovery Plan
Computer Associates Products Recovery

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:33:26 CST

The Computer Associates tape management system product CA-1 requires passwords that are dependent on CPU serial number. Following are instructions to customize these products to a CPU:

  1. Contact the Vendor (Computer Associates, see DRPPUR10: Purchasing Vendor List) to obtain License data. According to latest documentation, the product should run without correct serial number. However, to configure the software as it was before the disaster, you should obtain and use the CPU password.

  2. For each product used, a member in the PPOPTION data set must be updated with the password data provided by the vendor. The PPOPTION data set is a partitioned data set named CAIR50.PPOPTION. Use the TSO ISPF editor to edit the member.

  3. The following is a list of the PPOPTION members:

             Member Name            CA Product
             KEYS                   CA-1

    The contents of each password member is as follows:

             PROD(XX)                (product code L0 = CA-1)
             DATE(ddmmmyr)           (licensed to date)
             CPU(XX  -model/serial)  (CPU Model/Serial)
             LMPCODE(ABCDABCDABCD)   (License Code from vendor)


             PROD(L0) DATE(03JUL97) CPU(GX  -6210/100048) LMPCODE(XXXXXX)


CA-1 may also require restore procedures for the tape library (TMC) and the audit dataset (AUDIT). Procedures for recovery of these data sets may be found on the CA MVS SYSTEMS LIBRARY CD in section on TMC/Audit and Disaster Recovery. The most current copy of the TMC is likely on a nightly TMC backup cartridge rather than the full volume backup used to restore the volume.

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