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Disaster Recovery Plan
Multi Media Server Restore Procedure

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:33:35 CST

System: tarpit.uark.edu

Tarpit is the primary multimedia site/server for the Multimedia Lab. It is the primary support system for transfer and storage of large amounts of Multimedia resources. User accounts are granted for this machine so that development of big projects can take place.

Base:		SparcStation 5 model 70
Memory:		32 Meg
Disk:		2.6 Gig
Printer:	NeWSPrinter CL+
OS:		Solaris 2.5
APPS:		Sparc SunWorks C Compiler
		Sparc C++ Compiler
		Misc Utilities (listed in Standardized Solaris Environment)


OS Solaris 2.5 Distribution CD

The OS can be installed using the above media. Once a network connection is established, all applications and users can be restored from tape.

APPS	SunSoft Compiler Distribution CD
	SunSoft NeWSprinter CD
	SunSoft NeWSprint CI 2.5B CD
	Solaris Standardized Environment Package (http://www.uark.edu/~udesktop)
	CAP6.0 (http://www.cs.mu.oz.au/appletalk/cap.page)

All production applications can be installed using the above mentioned media which consists of CD or internet sites.


At least 2.5 gig of available storage is needed. At this point, any Sparc would with the needed space would work fine. Access to a 4mm DAT tape dive is needed to restore backup information. One network drop will be needed alone with 3 110 watt electrical plug-in points. Estimated power requirements is BLANK.

Off-site Backup Procedures:
A system will be in place by summer that will allow for doing remote backups on a weekly using cavern.uark.edu. Wrong!!!!! re-Write!!!


Part				Description					Original
Number									Cost

S5TX1-70-32-P44		SPARCStation 5 Model 70 with 70MHz	$5,727.00
			microSPARC II Processor with 32 Meg
			memory, 535 Meg Internal SCSI-2 disk,
			20-inch Color Monitor with TurboGX 
			8-bit Accelerated 2-D/3-D Color Graphics
X981A			AUI Adapter Cable			$45.00
X3540A			Type 5 Country Kits for U.S.		$390.00
X659A			2.1Gbyte Internal SC Disk 		$1,250.00
????			SPARCprinter EC				$???
				Total				$7,412.00
				Edu. Disc. (x 40%)	 -	$2,964.80
				Total Cost			$4,447.20


Operating System: Sun Solaris 2.5


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