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Disaster Recovery Plan
Mainframe System Recovery

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:33:43 CST

The following steps document the process for bringing up a mainframe environment that closely resembles the environment that existed prior to the disaster event. Every attempt should be made to acquire hardware that is as close as possible to that documented in this plan. Any differences may cause trouble with the pre-configured IOCP definitions.

Tapes referred to in the following steps are contained in the Disaster Recovery lockbox.

Reference information:

DRPDR016: Disaster Lock Box Contents.
  1. Load Minimal IOCP

    The process begins at the point where the hardware install technicians have completed their testing and have turned the new machine over for use. At this point, there may be an adequate IOCP in place due to the testing done by the vendor. If not, one must be loaded that will provide for:

    Reference information:

    DRPMS007: Minimal IOCP Definition.

  2. Standalone ICKDSF

    This step prepares two 3380-E disk volumes to receive the VM Starter System.

    Reference information:

    DRPMS050: ICKDSF Quick Reference

  3. Standalone DDR restore of VM Starter System

    This step loads the VM Starter System from DDR formatted tapes onto disk. Please note that the DASD type that you are restoring to must match the type for which the tapes were generated.

    Reference information:

    DRPMS051: VM/DDR Quick Reference

  4. IPL VM Starter System

    IPL the VM Starter System from disk volume EV2RES that was just restored.

  5. Store Full IOCPs

    Using the IOCP command under VM, store the two full IOCP definition files for the system into separate IOCDS files. Both contain definitions for all I/O devices present on the system, but one is for running the CPU in native mode and the other is for LPAR mode. It is recommended that you store the native-mode IOCP in IOCDS A1, and the LPAR-mode IOCP in IOCDS A2. Be sure to specify which IOCDS to use when IMLing the CPU later.

    Reference information:

    DRPMS008: Full Native-Mode IOCP

    DRPMS009: Full LPAR-Mode IOCP

    DRPMS052: VM/IOCP Quick Reference

    DRPDR016: Disaster Lock Box Contents

  6. IML CPU Using Full Native-Mode IOCP

    After shutting down the VM Starter System, select the IOCDS containing the full native-mode IOCP and IML the CPU in native mode.

  7. IPL VM Starter System

    IPL the VM Starter System again using disk volume EV2RES. At this point the VM system will have access to all devices defined in the full native-mode IOCP.

  8. Run ICKDSF Install + Init for all Volumes

    Using the ICKDSF utility program running under CMS, do the INSTALL and INIT/CPFORMAT commands to initialize all of the other disk volumes for the system. Since the ICKDSF INSTALLs can take up to an hour per volume, you can save time by defining several "worker" virtual machines and running concurrent ICKDSF INSTALLs. The list of volumes is documented in :

    Reference information:

    DRPMS004: MVS Volumes
    DRPMS005: VM Volumes
    DRPMS050: ICKDSF Quick Reference

  9. IML CPU Using Full LPAR-Mode IOCP

    After shutting the VM Starter System down again, select the IOCDS containing the full LPAR-mode IOCP and IML the CPU in LPAR mode. This will permit bringing up separate VM and MVS systems so that continued work with each platform can continue in parallel.

  10. Restore Remaining MVS Volumes Using MVS Minimal System

    The MVS Minimal System is a previously configured MVS/ESA operating system that runs off disk volumes named MVM201, MVM202, and MVM203. MVM201 and MVM203 are IPL volumes for the MVSMAINT system. This system will be used to restore all MVS volumes using the FDR utility.

    The procedure for restoring the MVS systems is as follows:

    Reference information:

    DRPMS053: FDR Quick Reference

    DRPMS055: IPLing MVS Using New I/O Configuration

    DRPMS004: MVS Disk Volumes

  11. Restore Remaining VM Volumes Using VM Starter System

    Reference information:

    DRPMS005: VM Disk Volumes

  12. IPL Production UAFMVS1 System

    Reference information:

    DRPMS055: IPLing MVS Using New I/O Configuration

  13. IPL Production MVSMAINT System

    Reference information:

    DRPMS055: IPLing MVS Using New I/O Configuration

  14. IPL Production UAFSYSB System

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