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Disaster Recovery Plan
Mainframe Equipment Installation

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:33:57 CST

This document contains information on the installation of mainframe hardware equipment in the BELL 108 Cold Site.

Mainframe Recovery Philosophy

The configuration of the mainframe equipment to be assembled at the Cold Site differs somewhat from the configuration of equipment at the primary site. Some concessions have been made to accommodate the limited space in the Cold Site. And in some areas some simplification and consolidation of functions has been done.

The primary recovery philosophy for the mainframe systems is centered around using a single mainframe with multiple logical partitions (LPARs) to replace the need for multiple mainframes. Rather than reassembling one Hitachi Data Systems GX6210 and one IBM 4381 mainframe at the Cold Site, a single larger HDS GX6425 system has been specified. The three separate operating system images currently in use (two MVS/ESA images and one VM/ESA image) will run in three separate LPARs.

The primary complication of combining these systems into a single mainframe is getting the I/O configuration set up properly. Detailed instructions are contained below for running the I/O Configuration Program (IOCP) and Hardware Configuration Diagnostic (HCD) program with the supplied IOCP configurations (two configurations are provided, one for basic mode and one for LPAR mode).

Any substitutions to the equipment listed below may have implications in the IOCP configuration. Before allowing a substitution for any piece of equipment, be fully certain that the specifications, configuration, and operation of the equipment be identical. Otherwise, changes may result in the need for on-the-spot changes to the I/O configuration and other adjustments.

Detailed Specifications

The following documents contain lists and specifications for all of the mainframe equipment to be assembled at the Cold Site.

* DRPMS101: Mainframe Equipment Procurement List

* DRPMS102: Mainframe Equipment Electrical and Cooling Specifications

* DRPMS103: Mainframe Equipment Layout

* DRPMS104: Mainframe Equipment I/O Cabling

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