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Disaster Recovery Plan
Mainframe Equipment I/O Cabling

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:34:54 CST

This document contains the detailed specifications for the mainframe I/O channel cable connections in the BELL 108 Cold Site.


Several precautions are to be observed when making the channel cable connections:

Channel Cable Lengths

Because of the cramped conditions in the Cold Site, and because there is no raised floor, it will be important that channel cables be ordered that are very close to being the correct lengths necessary. Otherwise, excess cable must be coiled and will pose a problem for installation and repair personnel needing access to the equipment.

Cable Layouts and Equipment Egresses

Because there is no raised floor in the Cold Site, channel cables will extend between devices across the floor. This can pose a difficult problem when it becomes necessary to move a piece of equipment after the cables have been connected. For this reason the layout of the channel cables in the Cold Site has been planned to provide egress paths for moving equipment around.

Power cables pose the same problem, so the electricians must be sure to follow the guidelines published within this plan to provide power cables of the proper lengths. The layout of power cables has also been planned to provide egress paths for moving equipment.

Avoid stepping on channel and power cables or moving them during normal system operation. Doing so may result in system or device failures. It is highly recommended that the entire machine room area, except for the area where the operator consoles are manned, be posted as off limits to reduce the risk that system damage or failure will occur.

Channel Layout Specifications

The following documents contain the detailed specifications for the channel cable connections and layout.

* DRPMS105: Mainframe Channel Cable Connections

* DRPMS106: Mainframe Channel and Power Cable Layout

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