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Disaster Recovery Plan
Emergency Procurement Procedures

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:35:09 CST

The success or failure of this plan's ability to ensure a successful and timely recovery of the central computer and network facilities hinges on our ability to purchase goods and services with lightening speed.

The Arkansas State Purchasing Regulations (Document DRPPUR02) lend themselves to a very liberal interpretation which provides the University with considerable latitude in emergency procurement of goods and services. The University's Purchasing Office has a disaster recovery plan of their own that will assist departments in the rapid turnaround of emergency procurements.

The liberal policy for emergency procurement, coupled with extensive Business Interruption Insurance, provides the Recovery Manager with a sound basis for aggressive recovery actions. Perhaps now is the time for a word of caution. There will always be a day of reckoning following every exciting event, when those actions taken under the stress of the moment will be examined and evaluated in the light of normalicy. You can significantly reduce your anxiety level in the eve of such an accounting by following preset rules and directives - to the extent possible under the circumstances - and most importantly, keeping records and logs of transactions.

The Administrative Support Coordinator is responsible for all emergency procurement for Computing Services. All Disaster Recovery Team members must submit their requests to the Coordinator. The Coordinator will follow the regulations established for emergency procurement and will work with the Buyer that has been appointed by the Purchasing Office to complete the acquisition. If the Purchasing Office has been so severely affected by the disaster that it cannot function, the Coordinator is directed to work with the Office of State Purchasing in Little Rock for all emergency procurements. (In this latter case, the University should use every means possible to convince the Office of State Purchasing to send their representative to Fayetteville to handle purchasing transactions on-site in the fastest manner possible.)

The Administrative Support Coordinator is also responsible for tracking all acquisitions to ensure that financial records of the disaster recovery process are maintained and that all acquisition procedures will pass audit review.

The Administrative Support Coordinator must also be aware of the University's insurance coverage to know what is and is not allowed under our policies. In the event an item to be purchased is disallowed by insurance coverage, or if expenses exceed the dollar limits of the insurance coverage, the Coordinator must consult with the Recovery Manager and other responsible University personnel (such as the University's Business Manager).

The following entries document the state regulations and other related information regarding emergency procurement and insurance coverage. Please also reference the disaster recovery plan for the University's Purchasing Office for more information.

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