Arkansas Women in Agriculture

A Conversation with African-American Farm Women: Unique Experiences in Marketing, Recordkeeping, the Adoption of New Technology and Time Management

Panel Discussion: Ms. Everlyn Bryant, Ms. Rosa Davis, Ms. Doris Smith Lewis

Facilitator : Tracy V. Dunbar

African-American women experience direct and indirect challenges related to Marketing, Recordkeeping, Time Management and the Adoption of New/Improved Technology. Together the Panel has 51 years of experience in Farming. Oftentimes, there is not a Forum for Women to discuss and present possible solutions to the aforementioned challenges with other Women. Other Women may be experiencing some of the same challenges.

Ms. Everlyn Bryant is a Farmer from Alport , AR with 25 years of experience in Farming.

Ms. Rosa Davis is a Farmer from Forrest City , AR with 11 years of experience in Farming.

Ms. Doris Smith Lewis received her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and her Master of Science degree at the University of Tennessee . She is a retired teacher/instructional facilitator of 40 years plus from the Memphis City Schools including: Douglass Elementary, Larose Elementary and Guthrie Elementary. She is currently co-owner in Lewis Farms and Lewis & Son Rice Proc. Corp.

Tracy V. Dunbar is an Associate Professor, Department of Agriculture, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Pine Bluff, AR. She teaches Farm Management, Agricultural Policy, Agricultural Finance and Agricultural Marketing. She also conducts research related to the Economic Feasibility and Production Potential of Southern Peas, Greens and Sweet Potatoes. Her passion is working with small, limited-resource farmers and the rural community.


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