Arkansas Women in Agriculture

H. Scott Stiles

Title: “Measuring Financial Performance: Looking Beyond the Numbers”


As the size of an operation increases the credit use is expanded, the financial phase of management becomes more critical to the success of that operation. Non-agricultural businesses have used financial ratios to interpret data form financial reports for many years. When investments in farm businesses were small, the need for this type of analysis was minimal. With the magnitude of today's farm business, financial ratios can aid in converting the mass of data that is common in an effective farm accounting system into meaningful information.

Bio Info:

*Employed as an extension Ag economist with the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service for 6 years.

*Prior to joining the UA, was Asst VP of Commercial Ag Lending with Farm Credit of Southwest Florida. Specialized in providing working capital, intermediate term, and mortgage credit to row crop, citrus, and livestock operations.

*Received BS in Agri-Business at Arkansas State University (1993) and MS in Agri-Business at Mississippi State University (1995)

*Grew up on eastern Arkansas cotton and soybean farm.

*Currently based on the ASU campus in Jonesboro



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