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The Program in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary pro­gram, dedicated to the study of literature and culture from a global haloperspective and across languages, genres, disciplines, nations, and cultures. The program offers advanced academic training in foreign languages, literary translation, comparative literature, and cultural studies.

The program is supported primarily by the Departments of Communica­tion, English, and Foreign Languages. The program also has affiliated faculty members in several programs and departments across the humanities and social sciences, including Anthropology, Area Studies (European, Latin American, Middle East), Art, Classics, Drama, Gender Studies, Geography, History, Music, Philosophy, and Sociology.


Contact Us:
Prof. M. Keith Booker, Director of Program in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies
Department of English, 333 Kimpel Hall, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701