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The W. M. Keck Laboratory for Space Simulation is a research laboratory in the Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Science at the University of Arkansas. The laboratory was established and is operated with a grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation in Los Angeles.  One of the primary research areas of the laboratory is the study of the stability of water on Mars and the possibility of microrganisms surviving on the present day Mars.  We are also interested in the nature of the surface of asteroids and with the connection between meteorites and asteroids.


Since we are a university research center, we are especially interested in using our research to provide an exciting and substantive interdisciplinary education and training for students at the undergraduate and graduate level. At the undergraduate level we offer summer internships for students considering a career in the space and planetary sciences and who want exposure to research prior to committing to a graduate program.  For the graduate student we offer a research platform for the MS and PhD degrees in space and planetary science as well as concentrations in space and planetary science in the graduate programs in the biological sciences, geography, geology. and physics graduate programs.   The graduate programs and program options are managed for the university by the Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Science.











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