Office for Education Policy

Fall 2010 OEP Conference:
Assessments and Accountability in Arkansas

Using Formative and Summative Assessments to Increase Student Achievement
William J. Clinton Presidential Center
The Great Hall
Tuesday November 9th, 2010

Keynote Addresses

"Perspectives on Testing and Accountability from a Local, State and ‎National Perspective"
Keynote address by:
Former Deputy Secretary of Education Ray Simon
Click here to read the Transcript of Mr. Simon’s remarks!‎

‎‎"Aligning Instruction to Ensure Student Success"
Keynote address by:
Lisa Carter, Total Instructional Alignment
"Teaching to tested concepts is your moral obligation as a teacher."‎

Session 1: An Examination of the Benefits and Challenges of Assessments

Welcome and Introduction
Richard Abernathy, Executive Director of the Arkansas Association of Educational ‎Administrators (AAEA)‎
Richard Abernathy currently serves as the Executive Director of the AAEA. He has served in ‎education system for 23 years. He has extensive experience in the Arkansas public education ‎system as a teacher, principal, and superintendent

"The Common Core State Standards Initiative: 
Looking Ahead at ‎Assessments and Accountability in Arkansas"

Susan Harriman, Arkansas Department of Education
Susan Harriman discusses the Common Core State Standards Initiative in Arkansas, and its ‎impact on state policy, assessments, and accountability.‎

Session 2: Tools to Increase Student Achievement

  "Improving Teacher Quality and Student Achievement"
Kathy Medford, Ouachita River School District
Ms. Medford has served as an educational leader in the Acorn Public Schools, part of ‎Ouachita River School District for over 23 years. Acorn Elementary has been recognized as ‎one of the top 20 high poverty schools in Arkansas based on benchmark achievement. ‎Additionally, Acorn is one of the top 20 schools in the state of Arkansas using value-added ‎measures of student growth.‎

"Using Growth for Accountability"
John Cronin, Director of the NWEA Kingsbury Center
Dr. Cronin discusses how using computer adaptive tests provides a more specific ‎snapshot of students’ progress as well as areas of weakness that need to be ‎targeted. Additionally, Dr. Cronin suggests ways in which adaptive tests can be ‎used to measure and increase student growth.‎

‎"Using NWEA to Assess Growth and Evaluate Teachers”"
John Bacon, CEO eSTEM Public Charter Schools, Little Rock
John Bacon discusses eStem’s process of implementing pay for performance bonuses based on a combination of growth on formative assessments and how that has affected student achievement and the culture of the school system.

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