The Diane D. Blair Center




The Diane D. Blair Center of Southern Politics and Society

The Diane D. Blair Center of Southern Politics and Society is a scholarly testament to the life, passions, and values of former Professor of Political Science, Diane D. Blair. It will serve as a memorial to her substantial deeds and accomplishments and will, in her honor, bring national attention and prestige to the J. W. Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Arkansas, the state, and the region.

The Center is a reflection of Professor Blair's lifelong dedication to research, teaching, and public service. Blair was a prolific scholar and her book, Arkansas Politics and Government: Do the People Rule, has been a beacon of understanding for two generations of Arkansans as have a score of additional studies covering Arkansas , state and local government, and southern politics. The Center's scholarly programs, including the Arkansas Poll, Arkansas Center for Oral and Visual History, and research in southern literature, reflect her passion for understanding and chronicling the politics, culture, and history of the American South.

Professor Blair was equally committed to teaching and public service. Through her own personal witness, most recently as Chair of the United States Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and years of inspired and award-winning teaching, she raised the level of civic consciousness for thousands of students--leading them to productive lives as politically active citizens, life-long public servants, and elected officials. In commemoration of this passion, the Center will sponsor graduate student fellowships in both the Department of History and the Department of English for promising scholars interested in the study of southern history, literature, and society.


The Blair Center
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