• Organic orchard establishment installing trellis
  • Newly planted organic orchard March 2006
  • New planting, Aug 2006
  • Light pentration into canopy with fisheye lens
  • First organic apple harvest Sept 2008
  • Hawk on perch pole in organic plots
  • Organic apple branch with Surround
  • Curt Rom talking to growers about organic research
  • High tunnel project
  • Floricane blackberries and raspberries 2009
  • High tunnel primocane blackberries in flower
  • high tunnel raspberries 2008
  • Floricane bloom, tunnel 2009
  • Taylor talking with marketgoer for farmers market project


Who are we?

A multidisciplinary team at the University of Arkansas has developed among research scientists and educators in Horticulture, Agriculture Economic, Entomology and Soil Science to foster collaborative research and academic programs to support and encourage economically sustainable, ecologically-based and environmentally benign agricultural production systems and certified organic and low-impact farms in Arkansas and the surrounding region.