Economic Impact

of the University of Arkansas

The impact of the University of Arkansas is far reaching.

Providing transformational opportunities and skills, solving problems through research and discovery, and transferring new technology into the marketplace feeds our state economy. Our mission of teaching, research and service to Arkansas drives Arkansas’ economy by supporting local businesses, creating jobs and providing millions in state and local tax revenue.

We’re dedicated to Arkansas and proud of the economic impact the university provides to the state.

$2.2 Billion

Annual Impact on the State's Economy

The university’s expenses and those of our students, employees and visitors have a direct impact on Arkansas businesses and communities.

University Related Spending

Our campus growth feeds the economy through an increase in the revenues of businesses who serve our students and visitors. Our record research expenditures – supported by federal, state and corporate grants — drive discoveries that make lives better through enhancements to our health and safety, improved efficiencies and sustainability, and the spread of new knowledge. Research also yields new technologies and intellectual property growing startups and businesses across the state.

$554 Million

Spending by students and visitors

$465 Million

Construction and remodeling  

$388.6 Million

Payroll and benefits

$175 Million

Research Expenditures

Jobs & Employment

Tens of thousands of U of A graduates live and work in communities throughout the state, earning 7.5 percent of the state’s wages. Money spent by university faculty and staff also contribute directly to the state’s economy, supporting additional local jobs.

$2.7 Billion

Alumni wages in Arkansas


Alumni in Arkansas  


University faculty and staff

$300 Million

in State and Local Tax Revenue

Another way the university impacts Arkansans in every county and every community across the state.

$210.5 Million

Taxes paid by alumni in Arkansas

$89.5 Million

University-related taxes including those paid by students, employees and visitors

Return on Investment

Each dollar appropriated by the state of Arkansas to the university generates an economic impact of $13.56. Put another way, $166.8 million in state appropriations in fiscal year 2018, was leveraged more than 13 times.

$1 State Funding = $13.56 in Economic Impact

And That's Just Part of the Story

We stimulate the economy in many ways but our true impact can only be measured by how we improve individual lives. We provide opportunities for our nearly 28,000 students to grow and explore paths that can make a difference in the world and in the lives of others. Our graduates are leaders, teachers, nurses and entrepreneurs.

It takes discovery, collaboration and a special kind of dedication to makes lives better and improve the world. That defines who we are, what we do and why it matters.

We envision a better world and we’re determined to build it.

Read the report and learn how the University of Arkansas is expanding opportunity and prosperity through economic development.