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Arkansas History

The Afterlife of Leslie StringfellowThe Afterlife of Leslie Stringfellow
A Nineteenth-Century Southern Family’s Experiences with Spiritualism

Stephen Chism

Read a letter from the book

During the years of contact with what the Stringfellows believed to be their departed son, they received thousands of séance messages through “automatic writing” in which the young man described his personal afterlife and provided detailed descriptions of the geography of paradise. (more …)

$14.95 Paper
ISBN 0-9635152-5-X

The Boy from AltheimerThe Boy from Altheimer
From the Depression to the Boardroom

William H. Bowen
Foreword by President Bill Clinton

Autobiography of a key Arkansas figure (more …)

$19.95 (s) Paper
ISBN-10: 1-55728-818-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-55728-818-9


John Barleycorn Must DieJohn Barleycorn Must Die
The War Against Drink in Arkansas

Ben F. Johnson III
Foreword by U.S. District Judge
William R. Wilson

Ben Johnson’s sweeping, highly readable, and extensively illustrated “spirited” overview of Arkansas’s efforts to regulate and halt the consumption of alcohol reveals much about the texture of life and politics in the state—and country—as Arkansas grappled with strong opinions on both sides. (more …)

106 pages, 50 photographs,
7 1/8" x 8 1/2"
$19.95 Cloth
ISBN 1-55728-787-2


A Documentary History of ArkansasA Documentary History of Arkansas
Text Edition

Edited by C. Fred Williams, S. Charles Bolton,
Carl H. Moneyhon and Leroy T. Williams

The story of the birth and development of the nation's twenty-fifth state is told here in the documents of the era. (more …)

2005, 342 pages
$14.95 paper (s), 1-55728-794-5

High, Wide, and FrightenedHigh, Wide, and Frightened

Louise Thaden
Foreword by Patty Wagstaff

High adventure in aviation’s Golden Age.

Born in 1905 and raised in Arkansas, Louise Thaden attended the University of Arkansas from 1921 to 1925 before moving to California, where she earned her pilot’s certificate in 1927. Within the year, she had broken the women’s world record for altitude and endurance. In 1929 she won the first Women’s Air Derby . . . (more …)

6” X 9”
183 pages
52 black and white photographs
$19.95, paper

An Arkansas History for Young People An Arkansas History for Young People
Third Edition

T. Harri Baker and Jane Browning

The updated text incorporates new material on the Clinton presidency, the Huckabee governorship, term limits, the 2000 census, demographic changes, recent scholarship on Arkansas history, updated terminology, and corrections of factual errors. Sidebars still highlight special material, and the many illustrations appear in full color and in black and white. (more …)

2003, 378 pages
$39.95, cloth
1-55728-722-8 Textbook
1-55728-723-6 Teacher's Guide

The Impact of the Civil War and Reconstruction on ArkansasThe Impact of the Civil War and Reconstruction on Arkansas
Persistence in the Midst of Ruin

Carl H. Moneyhon

New in paperback

This groundbreaking study, first published in 1994, draws on a rich variety of primary sources to describe Arkansas society before, during, and after the Civil War. While the Civil War devastated the state, this book shows how those who were powerful before the war reclaimed their dominance during Reconstruction. (more …)

"A major contribution to nineteenth-century historiography."

—American Historical Review

2002, 288 pages
$19.95 paper (s)

Arkansas: A Narrative HistoryArkansas
A Narrative History

Jeannie M. Whayne, Thomas A. DeBlack, George Sabo III, Morris S. Arnold
with a Foreword by Willard B. Gatewood

The new standard history of Arkansas, essential and engaging reading for students and the general public alike.

"Informed in its scholarship, rationally organized, and written in clear, graceful prose, this volume is extraordinarily comprehensive in its treatment of Arkansas' past. . . . By any manner of reckoning, this is an extraordinarily valuable addition to historical literature, one that provides a highly readable and comprehensive account." (more …)

—Willard Gatewood, from the Foreword

2002, 416 pages
$34.95 cloth (s)

Arkansas BiographyArkansas Biography
A Collection of Notable Lives

Edited by Nancy A. Williams and Jeannie M. Whayne

An encyclopedia of people who have influenced the history and culture of the state of Arkansas. (more …)

2000, 352 pages, 45 illustrations
$30 paper (s), 1-55728-587-X
$50 cloth (s), 1-55728-588-8

The Old South FrontierThe Old South Frontier
Cotton Plantations and the Formation of Arkansas Society, 1819–1861

Donald P. McNeilly

The story of Arkansas's transformation from a pioneer society of frontier subsistence farmers and herdsmen to a plantation-dominated society. (more …)

2000, 288 pages, 32 illustrations
$34.95 cloth (s), 1-55728-619-1

Rebellion and RealignmentRebellion and Realignment
Arkansas's Road to Secession

James M. Woods

In this first full-length study of Arkansas's secession movement, Woods examines the background to the Civil War in a state marked by long-standing geographical social cultural and political differences. Woods shows that the Union sympathizers of the uplands and the Confederate sympathizers of the lowlands were constantly engaged in a struggle that threatened to break apart their state even as the Union itself was breaking apart.

280 Pages
$39.95 (s) Cloth, 978-0-938626-59-6

Sentinels of HistorySentinels of History
Reflections on Arkansas Properties on the National Register of Historic Places

Edited by Mark K. Christ and Cathryn H. Slater

Sentinels of History was conceived of as a way to mark the turn of the millennium by the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program. This generously illustrated book contains thirty-nine essays, each of which showcases an important Arkansas site and is written by a noted authority. Also included is a location map for these sites and a full appendix providing location information, county by county, for the more than two thousand surviving properties in Arkansas (as of June 1999) that appear on the National Register. (more …)

2000, 360 pages, 190 illustrations
$25.00 paper (s), 1-55728-605-1
$49.00 cloth (s), 1-55728-604-3

Arkansas ArchaeologyArkansas Archaeology
Essays in Honor of Dan and Phyllis Morse

Edited by Robert C. Mainfort Jr. and Marvin D. Jeter

Arkansas has long been recognized as a state with a rich archaeological heritage that is unsurpassed in North America.

This festschrift recognizes the contributions made in researching this varied heritage by Dan and Phyllis Morse from the inception of the Arkansas Archeological Survey in 1967 to their retirement in 1997. The essays were prepared by thirteen of their colleagues, recognized experts in archaeology and related fields, and represent state-of-the-art knowledge about Arkansas's archaeology. (more …)

1999, 344 pages, 36 illustrations
$22.00 (s) paper , 1-55728-571-3

They Sought a Land
A Settlement in the Arkansas River Valley, 1840–1870

William Oates Ragsdale

In 1840, prosperous farming families left North and South Carolina to trek in covered wagons to the unsettled Arkansas River Valley. Absorbing to read and rich with colorful detail, this is a story of the peopling of the western frontier and the ways in which hardship, religion, and a shared past bound settlers together into a lasting community.

1997, 152 pages
$34.95 cloth (s), 978-1-55728-498-3

The Arkansas Delta
Land of Paradox

Edited by Jeannie M. Whayne and Willard B. Gatewood, Jr.

New in Paperback

This collection of essays represents a large-scale attempt to characterize the long-neglected Arkansas Delta. The historical, social, economic, geographic, and cultural issues the authors address make it abundantly clear that the Delta—long thought to be a land of relative stasis—is actually changing quite rapidly. It is clear, too, that this strange land is filled with haunting contradictions.

1994 Virginia C. Ledbetter Prize

1993, 336 pages
$29.95 paper (s), 978-1-55728-465-5 | 1-55728-465-2

Arkansas and the Land

Tom Foti

"Children [and adults] having the opportunity to study this book will come away with a good solid background on our wonderfully diverse state. Thumbs up!"

—David Saugey, U.S. Forest Service

1992, 128 pages
$22.00 cloth (s), 1-55728-210-2

A Remembrance of Eden
Harriet Bailey Bullock Daniel's Memories of a Frontier Plantation in Arkansas, 1849–1872

Edited with an Introduction by Margaret Jones Bolsterli

In her perceptive chronicle of everyday life on an Arkansas plantation, Harriet Bailey Bullock Daniel sheds light on the plantation economy, medical practices, religion, slavery, and sex roles in the period from 1849 until Daniel's marriage in 1872. The work is a rich mixture of mundane details surrounded by momentous events, and Daniel's sure grasp of both provides enjoyment and enlightenment for any reader.

$20.00 paper (s), 1-55728-589-6

Vinegar Pie and Chicken Bread
A Woman's Diary of Life in the Rural South, 1890–1891

Edited with an Introduction by Margaret Jones Bolsterli

From June 11, 1890, to April 15, 1891, Nannie Stillwell Jackson wrote about the best and meanest moments of her life on a small farm in southeast Arkansas. The combination of dreariness and charm that forms the diary is absorbing. Jackson's experience is rich and awful, as is what we may learn from it about the human spirit on the edges of civilization.

$16.95 paper (s)
978-0-938626-25-1 | 0-938626-25-6

Colonial Arkansas, 1686–1804
A Social and Cultural History

Morris S. Arnold

"Meticulously researched, highly readable, profusely illustrated, and broadly focused . . . unquestionably the most significant work ever written about the Arkansas Post."

—Carl Brasseaux

1992 Certificate of Commendation from American Association for State and Local History

1991, 296 pages
$24.95 paper (s), 978-1-55728-317-7 | 1-55728-317-6

Shadows over Sunnyside
An Arkansas Plantation in Transition, 1830–1945

Edited by Jeannie M. Whayne

This remarkable collection of essays addresses social, historical, cultural, and labor issues as they affect a Southern plantation. The heart of the book is an examination of a "great experiment" to import Italian laborers to Sunnyside Plantation. From the crucible of tensions that this experiment produced, the reader obtains a concrete understanding of the implications of U.S. immigration policy, of changing labor relations following Reconstruction, and of a minority culture's introduction into the Delta.

$24.95 paper (s)
978-1-55728-417-4 | 1-55728-417-2

Unequal Laws Unto a Savage Race
European Legal Traditions in Arkansas, 1686–1836

Morris S. Arnold

"Morris Arnold's description of the French and Spanish periods is just marvelous. It will be a classic for some time to come (or perhaps even forever)."

—Hans W. Baade

$26.00 cloth (s), 0-938626-33-7
$16.95 paper (s), 0-938626-76-0


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