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Monday, May 29 2017

University of Arkansas
Society of Physics Students

The house that Toby built.





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SPS Calendar (edit)
See our public Google Calendar for SPS events, important physics dates, and the department's scheduled colloquia.

Dr. Stewart's "Everything You Need to Know about Being a Physicist Talk" - SPS Intro Talk

The SPS Facebook group Facebook.

Rachel Lee's Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Recipe

Cool Physics (edit)
The Cool Physics page is done so please take a look. From energy weapons to baseball, there are some fasinating things and many useful links.
SPS Officers (edit)
  • President:Ed Jenner
  • Vice President: Zach Ritchie
  • Treasurer: Jonathan Mishler and Dilawer Singh
  • Secretary: Mark Bush
  • Newspaper Editor: Caleb Heath
  • Outreach Coordinator: Mathias Bellaiche and Zach Callahan
  • Event Coordinator: Jordan Stone and Juan Aguilar
  • Library Officer: Cameron Saylor
Our Lead Story in the SPS Newspaper (edit)
This edition of the newspaper discusses the SPS trip to PhysCON, Mathias Bellaiche's time at Cambridge, the physics library, and the Haunted Physics Lab.Click here for complete newspaper


Outreach and Opportunities (edit)
  1. Our next major Outreach event will be the Haunted Physics Lab in October.
  2. The University of Arkansas has won a major Scholarship grant, the Noyce Fellowship to support science students who plan to become teachers in their senior years and through a Master's degree. Click here for info: Noyce Info.
  3. The physics program has won an S-STEM scholarship grant to provide awards up to $10,000 for students pursuing a physics major For information ARK-PHYS Scholarship.
  4. The microEP program has won an S-STEM scholarship grant to provide awards up to $10,000 for students pursuing a microEP minor with their physics major or a microEP master's degree. For information Scholarship Info.
Featured Student (edit)
Sigma Pi Sigma - Physics National Honor Society Inductees - 2011
  1. (Front row) Aisha Mahmoud, Robert Bell, Joseph Courtney, Amee Salois, James Morris
  2. (Back row) Nathan Willems, Dr. Stewart, Yusuke Hirono, Thomas Rembert, William Lewis, James Sloan, Clint Mash, Andrew Bobel, Caleb Wright
  3. (Not Shown) Omar Salem and Andy Martin


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