Arkansas Short Takes

Welcome to the home of Arkansas Short Takes, where you will find a series of short videos featuring stories about outstanding students, faculty and special points of pride at the University of Arkansas.

Let Us Farm

The U of A freight farm sits among residence halls in the quad, quietly growing heads of lettuce in a freight container to feed the campus community. More than 12,700 heads of lettuce have been harvested by the two student workers operating it and have been consumed at dining facilities across campus. For the students, it’s a living lesson in sustainability, hydroponics and the importance of local produce. For campus, farm to table never had a shorter commute.

Star Power

Astrophysicist Amber Straughn fell in love with the night sky in her backyard in Bee Branch, Arkansas. The U of A’s Honors College and J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences set her trajectory toward NASA and a career studying distant galaxies through the new James Webb Telescope.

Passport Peru

The Honors College Passport program immerses students in foreign cultures and history, providing unique experiences through travel and innovative teaching. In 2017, the Passport program traveled to Peru and Machu Picchu, the famed Inca city. More than 1,000 students studied in more than 200 countries last year as part of the many study abroad opportunities at the University of Arkansas.

Dressed and Engineered for Success

Students in apparel merchandising and product development, electrical engineering and horticulture teamed up to create a fashion show that electrified the runway with innovative designs, lighting, sound and flowers to capture the senses. The project promoted cross-discipline collaboration, bringing engineering, horticulture, fashion and art to the stage to expand minds through creativity.

Building Futures

Design Camp provides the opportunity for high school students to explore a possible future in architecture and design by working directly with University of Arkansas faculty to get hands-on experience designing buildings and landscapes. The annual summer camp is hosted by the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design at four locations across the state at the U of A campus, Little Rock, Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs and at the historic town of Wilson. This camp is just one way the U of A reaches out across the state to support student success and build the future of design, one student at a time.

Retail Innovation

Students and faculty at the University of Arkansas are building the future of retail by creating and testing new technologies at the McMillon Innovation Studio, a first-of-its-kind public, interactive university retail lab. The lab will promote education and collaborative research on the integration between physical and digital shopping while incorporating major business functions such as operations, logistics, buying and merchandising.

Origins of Man

In 2013, the remains of a previously unknown human ancestor -- Homo naledi -- were found in a cave in an area of South Africa known as the Cradle of Humankind. Lucas Delezene, Arkansas native and assistant professor of anthropology at the U of A, was picked to lead the team studying the dental anatomy of the newly discovered species to find clues to its life, diet and the ancient environment in which it lived.

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